Year: 2017

Technique: video, motion & generative design


Plasma started with a small Adobe After Effects tutorial (recreating bowels). Playing with the settings,

I ended up with these beautiful visuals on my screen. It was like witnessing a mysterious being coming to life. Generated by a machine! That was even more fascinating to me. Plasma is my very first generated design project. As a non-coder, I was very happy to be able to produce something like that.


The idea to build the video as a rough exploratory material came quickly as it's something that has been already in my head for a while. I used a NASA pic for the space view, made a small planet in After Effects, played with the camera lens, drew

a few graphics and put some sound on it.

Video Credits


Main Theme:

“Outer Space” by Superkind (slowed 50%)


Additional Sounds:

“EARTH” by samsmyname,

“Computer Noise 8” by BASILION,

“Super 8 Camera Zoom Motor (GAF ST-802)” by MegaPenguin13



“Small Magellanic Cloud” Three-color optical LMC and SMC images, made from mosaics of MCELS data.






International Online Digital Art exhibition  "Forever is our today" curated by AVANGARDEN Cultural Agency.


Generate!° Festival in Tübingen, Germany.

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