Hi, I'm Edouard, a multidisciplinary art director. Interested in foresight and futurology, I like to produce visuals and experiences that explore relationships between machines and the living.

In 2020, I self-published "foretaste" printed in 70 exclusive copies. It works as a trend book, collecting few samples of personal work & experimentations punctuated by quotes from several scientists, philosophers and artists.


Since 2018, I've been curating "prémices", a platform with weekly links to various articles, videos or books that focus on the future, hybrid science fiction and the latest news from the technological, digital and scientific fields.

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I like to analyze the upcoming trends and reflect on what the future could be made off, highlighting science & technology as much as possible.

I'm always looking for publishers or magazines to collaborate with so feel free to drop me a line if you have a nice topic I could work on or if you're interested by one of my existing series.


I'm also looking for help to bring the "foretaste" project further and publish it properly, maybe even making a real magazine out of it. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Alongside my experiments, I do classic graphic design and art direction. I've worked with many agencies and start-ups: producing visuals, graphics and decks for pitches and internal presentations. Here is a small overview of my skills:


- Creative Concept

- Research, Moods

- Art Direction (Print & Digital)

- Graphic Design, Visual ID

- Photography

- Video Editing

- Motion Design

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